Where in the world is the Galle Fort?

The first question that pops up when one talks about the marvelous architecture and romantic ambience of the Galle Fort is "where in the world is it?"  For indeed, in spite of all its beauty and rich history, the Galle Fort and, for that matter, the city of Galle itself in which the fort resides, has remained relatively low-key and protected from the usual droves of camera-happy tourists that normally pervade popular modern tourist spots. Perhaps, this is another reason why the city has been able to preserve much of the flavor of its historical past. Whatever the reason, the Galle Fort  today remains tranquil and serene, its historic beauty enjoyed by its native residents and its expat population of mostly British and Dutch nationals who, like the visitors of Shangri-La, have been captivated by the enchantingly lovely fortress and have chosen to stay and live within its walled confines.

Where in the world is the Galle Fort? Of course, it's in Galle city, Sri Lanka.